24 de enero de 2023


I am in the deepest of caverns south of Bled, Slovenia. I have nothing spare for two pieces of twine, a tattered notebook, and an old-timey torch lamp that has been bringing me warmth and light through these treacherous times. When I finish writing this and return to the safety of my cot under the stars, I shall transcribe these words onto the screen of my mobile phone to share with you all. I hear a dripping noise, a constant.. drip.. drip.. drip. A chill washes over me as I write down the letters to each sentence, to each phrase. I am in this cave for a reason however. A reason unknown to you, readers, my research has lead me here. I have been wandering for ages, in search for something new to go tell my people. A new plant, a new animal, anything really. I have finally found a lead, footprints, some 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Unheard of, unseen by mankind, and they lead into this cavern. The charcoal is running out, so I must go. Maybe this creature will be the solution, maybe this creature is the answer, to the plague that has tainted my town.

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