Rock Garden Trail @ Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas...Unhappy cellphone Part 1

My cellphone camera fussed at me several times this afternoon..."too much heat, turn me off!
So, I put it in my pocket and hiked a bit, not my main purpose.
Temp at the Trailhead...95F.

I also, had trouble focusing on objects held by my hand, such as seed heads and leafs.
Windy day...ugh!

and lastly, cellphones work better fully charged...nuff said.

Take aways:

1) check cellphone charge before leaving the apartment.
2) deal with the wind as in...lower your expectations. plants and insects don't pose on demand.
3) the heat: avoid midday forays.

Most of my pics today were not good.
However, I posted a few observations for review anyway.

Time in Palo Duro Canyon...never disappointing. :)

Publicado el 17 de agosto de 2021 por derrell_d derrell_d


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