Wild Places and the Pros and Cons of Human interference.

The other day I was down at my local creek, and saw some plastic Gatorade bottles floating around in the water. And it made me think It seems like everywhere you step in nature their some sign of human interference. It's saddens me that their is very few truly "wild" places left on Earth. At the same time places like National Parks are jaw-droppingly beautiful and I am incredibly grateful that its possible for the everyday person to be able to see those sights, because of people building trails and roads. Also building a house or cabin in nature can be damaging to the environment by tearing down trees and habitats in order to have space for building. And then getting the materials for the house. But it brings you closer to nature and the residents of the building can help improve the ecosystem by providing food or planting/reintroducing native plant species. And finally buying a large lot of woods to protect it from deforestation can help safe some ruminates of a once wild world. So in conclusion there are certainly damaging side affects of human inference, there can also be helpful benefits to both humans and nature. What do you think?

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