*Ficus hispida* cf. *Ficus congesta*

Ficus hispida botanical key features, including:

• Opposite (attached) leaves, and
leaves' outline' shapes, bases' shapes and apices' shapes, and
forms including papery lamina
(not thick as per Ficus congesta), and
canopy new growth leaves pale green
– (not red per Ficus congesta).

• Figs depressed globose (shape)
– (not pyriform to discoid per Ficus congesta).

• Figs densely brown-pubescent (or velvety white hairs, fide Cooper & Cooper 2004: 324)
– (Figs here: not pyriform to discoid ..., not ribbed, not glabrous nor hispid; nor ostiole as depressed, as per the Ficus congesta figs' form)

• Fruits shapes and surfaces appearances match this species
– (not Ficus congesta).

Etcetera ...


• Flora of Australia: vascular plants:
Species of Ficus
Adapted from: Chew, W.-L. (1989).
In: Flora of Australia volume 3.
Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra.

• Flowering plants of Queensland:
Species of Ficus
By: Tony @bean_ar Bean

• RFK ed. 8 (2020) : https://apps.lucidcentral.org/rainforest/text/entities/ficus_hispida.htm
• Flora of Au online partly updated: https://profiles.ala.org.au/opus/foa/profile/Ficus%20hispida

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