Australoechus hypoleucus (Wiedemann, 1821)

Characterized by black basal comb of wings which separates this species from look-alikes of the micans-group. A bulky species, ranging from 10-15 mm in length and with a wing length of about 10-16 mm.
Pale yellow-hairy, almost whitish, thoracic stripes a little darker and obsolete, wings half brown, basal comb black. Pubescence on body above more gleaming and resplendent than in A. micans, sericeous whitish to yellowish, with the 3 stripes of golden brownish hair on thorax, in female especially, more conspicuous and more enhanced by the silvery stripes separating them.
Wings with the anterior infuscation scarcely extending beyond end of costal cell or only very slightly, with the greater part of the apical part of marginal cell entirely hyaline, without any distinct infuscations along veins in posterior hyaline part, especially at bases of second submarginal and third posterior cells, and with the elongated whitish opaque spot at bases of first and second basal cells and even in female the costal cell more conspicuously evident and visible.

Description by Loew:
Loew, H. 1860. Die Dipteren-Fauna Südafrika’s. Erste Abtheilung. Berlin: Mittler & Sohn

Description by Hesse 1956:

Distribution: South Africa (Northern & Western Cape), also into Namibia

iNat observation:

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