Tis' The Season!

It's spring here in Calgary where I am writing this journal post from, and we are now in the midst of Sucker spawning season! It also happens to be the City Nature Challenge , making this a great time to hit your local creeks and see what's shakin'. I've noticed that the sucker spawn seems to be in full swing or just beginning in the eastern portions of the range, with some cool Smallmouth Buffalo videos hitting the news . and a bunch of great White Sucker observations as well. I'm hoping that as the month changes over to May I start to see some additional observations coming in from the midwest and western Provinces and States as their local spawning runs get underway. Based on observations from past years, we should then start to see some of the really cool intermountain and desert species kicking off their spawning runs before the season comes to a close in mid-summer.

It's crunch time, happy watching! And a big thanks to everyone who has uploaded to the project thus far!

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