Aspidimorpha confinis (Klug 1835)

Original description in:
Klug, J., 1835. Verzeichnis von Thieren und Pflanzen, welche auf einer Reise um die Erde, gesammelt wurden von A. Erman. Berlin

Redescription in:
Boheman, C. H., 1854. Monographia Cassididarum. Tomus secundus. Holmiae.
Translated from Latin:
Rounded, slightly convex, slightly shiny, light green above, stramineous underneath; the last joint of the antennae is black; prothorax finely punctate on the back, wrinkled on the outside; the back of the elytra is often vaguely punctate; margin flattened, more evidently wrinkled-punctate; shoulders slightly prominent in front, slightly rounded.

Photo of adult in:
Coache, A., Rainon, B., 2020.
Contribution a la connaissance des Cassidinae du Benin (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae). Faunitaxys, 8(11).

Description and figures of immature stages in:
Muir, F. & Sharp, D. 1904. On the egg cases and early stages of some Cassididae. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London (1904): 1-23.
Plate 2, fig 10, 11
larva & adult:
Plate 4, fig 22a, 22b

Host plant records: Ipomoea batatas, Ipomoea cairica, Ipomoea ficifolia, Ipomoea obscura, Ipomoea wightii, Merremia tuberosa

Distribution: Widespread in the Afrotropical region.

iNat observations:

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