Brachycerus intermedius Péringuey, 1885

Original description in:
Péringuey, L. 1885. First contribution to the South-African Coleopterous Fauna. Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society.

Tranlsated from Latin:
Ovate, black, with an impressed rostrum, with raised fringes; prothorax on both sides spinous, furnished with two raised dorsal ridges encompassing the carinula; elytra ovate, convex, warty, decorated with serially with rusty-scaly spots placed in rows.

Long. 19-23 mm. lat. 10-12 mm.
The rostrum is long, impressed in the middle; the lateral margins are raised and separated from the head by a deep arcuated impression.
The head is small, and has a longitudinal impression on the vertex, and is depressed on either side. The eyes are perpendicular, depressed, and have a thin superciliary ridge.
The prothorax is narrowed in front and behind, the sides are produced in an acute spine; it is strongly tuberculated above, and in the middle there is a deep cavity formed by two raised semi-tuberculated ridges interrupted in the middle, curved in the anterior and straight in the posterior part and with a small straight ridge in the middle. On each side of the disc, between the lateral spine and the median ridge, there is a conspicuous, elongated, squamose, ferruginous patch.
The elytra are ovate, very convex, slightly declivous at the apex, more elongated in the female than in the male. The sides are deeply punctured and the upper surface is dotted with small round granulelike tubercles irregularly disposed but forming however, two distinct lines on each elytron. The suture is dotted on either side with semiconspicuous tubercles. Squamose ferruginous dots are disposed in series more regular on the disc than on the sides.
The underside is black, with the sides of the abdominal segments, the pectus, coxae and the underside of the tibiae coated with cinnabarred scales.

Redescription and illustration in:
Haaf, E. 1957. Revision der äthiopischen und madagassischen Arten der Gattung Brachyeerus Ol. (Col. Cure.) Entomologische Arbeiten aus dem Museum G. Frey Tutzing bei München 8.

Distribution: South Africa (Mpumalanga, KZN), Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, DR Congo, Congo.

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