Observations from outside the Ozark Plateau

Though this project is specifically interested in viewing the Ozarks from an ecological perspective, one avenue to this perspective is comparing the ecological interactions of particular taxa across regions. For instance, what are North American Wheel Bugs feeding on in the Ozark Plateau vs. The Interior Plains? With this in mind, the need to do away with this project’s requirement of limiting observations to those of the Ozark Plateau becomes apparent. At first, in order to enable these comparisons while maintaining focus, I thought it would be best to limit project contributions to species known to occur in the Ozark Plateau (regardless of where any particular observation was made). However, here in the Ozarks, one evening while watching a Sphinx moth work some Four O'clock flowers, I was reminded of watching Sphinx Moths in the Sierra's and thought how fun (and maybe even informative) it would be to compare the flowers these two groups of moths are visiting - Sierra Sphinx vs. Ozark Sphinx. So, it is with this kind of data exploration in mind, that leads me to think it would be best to open up this project to all observations that meet the original criteria of this project, excepting the geographical restriction of needing to occur within the Ozarks.

Publicado por ozarkpoppy ozarkpoppy, 06 de agosto de 2022


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