Gall Week 2022 - new project!

Join us for another Gall Week event! We will record observations from Saturday, Sept. 3rd to Sunday, Sept. 11th. Please note that you'd need to join the project and add your observations manually.
To get ready - please join the new Gall Week Project! (I hope I got everyone that was tagged on the original post on the 2021 project. Please tag other people who may be interested.)
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Publicado por merav merav, 06 de agosto de 2022


California Wild Women @kimssight, @naturephotosuze, @redrovertracy, @scubabruin. This is going to be so much fun!

Publicado por andreacala hace 5 días (Marca)

@dclump @harsiparker @colinpurrington @wildmacro @sarabseth @tparkeressig @katedolamore I invite you to join the project Gall Week 2022! September 3-11 2022 take photos of galls on any plant anywhere in North America and the world!

Publicado por chyroptera hace 5 días (Marca)
Publicado por nancyasquith hace 5 días (Marca)
Publicado por robinellison hace 5 días (Marca)

Thanks @robinellison :)

Can someone tagged in the main post above confirm if you got a notification? I've noticed that sometimes the notifications only work if the tag is in a comment on the post, rather than the post itself. Not sure if they've fixed it or not yet.

Publicado por graysquirrel hace 5 días (Marca)

The notification worked for me!

Publicado por michaelvoeltz hace 5 días (Marca)

@graysquirrel Yep, I got a notification too.

Publicado por davidenrique hace 5 días (Marca)

Awesome, I guess they fixed it!

Publicado por graysquirrel hace 5 días (Marca)
Publicado por mobbini hace 5 días (Marca)

I got the notification @graysquirrel but in a quick perusal of main post did not see your name, so tagged you. :)

Publicado por robinellison hace 5 días (Marca)
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@glmory @bayareawalker @dgreenberger @morganstickrod @ulysses20 @samzanita @mdhero @efrenibarreta @alison_pollack fellow gall lovers I invite you to join the project Gall Week 2022! From September 3rd-11th 2022 photograph galls of any kind (fungal, insect, viral, etc) anywhere in North America and the world and add them to the project!

Publicado por chyroptera hace 5 días (Marca)

Yay! Thanks Merav!

Publicado por leslie_flint hace 5 días (Marca)
Publicado por gillessanmartin hace 5 días (Marca)

thanks @Merav! :D

Publicado por alejandro_lopez_n... hace 5 días (Marca)

Posted to Galls of California.

Publicado por nancyasquith hace 5 días (Marca)

Woohoo! Can’t wait!

Publicado por madily hace 4 días (Marca)

Thanks for the tag, count me in!

Publicado por u_phantasticus hace 4 días (Marca)

Thanks for the tag! Can't wait!

Publicado por lulubelle hace 4 días (Marca)

Thanks for the tag!!

Publicado por elytrid hace 4 días (Marca)

Thanks for the tag!!

Publicado por wallacechen hace 4 días (Marca)

I've joined because I saw a note about it on the forum. So, I see there are a few observations already (August 8th); do you want gall observations added at any time, or just during the official Gall Week?

Publicado por lynnharper hace 3 días (Marca)

@lynnharper thanks for joining in!
The idea is to make observations between 9/3-9/11. Unfortunately, there is no way to set a date limit for a traditional project (such as this one), so it is practically open from now on. People need to understand the concept in order to use it correctly. I tried to have the rules embedded in the banner and the text, but I guess it's not clear to everyone.
If someone has any idea how to make it more clear, please let me know. Otherwise, we'll have to contact each person who makes this mistake from now till 9/3.

Publicado por merav hace 3 días (Marca)

Ah, I didn't realize there can't be date limits for traditional projects - that makes sense now!

Publicado por lynnharper hace 3 días (Marca)

@jessehildebrand This might a fun project to add to BackyardBio since it is a global activity.

Publicado por debkccb hace 3 días (Marca)

thanks @merav

Publicado por charcoscompanhia hace 3 días (Marca)

@merav last year we had to manually add our observations to the project much Like we do dove the other gall projects

Publicado por leslie_flint hace 2 días (Marca)

yes, it will be the same this year. The only option for a gall project is to use a traditional project, where you have to add your observations manually (and we cannot control the dates).

Publicado por merav hace 2 días (Marca)

But you seem to have been able to do that last year

Publicado por leslie_flint hace 2 días (Marca)

@leslie_flint Unfortunately "traditional" projects have no way to restrict dates automatically. Collection projects do, but since galls are caused by many different kingdoms, including undescribed species, there's not really a good way to set it up so it only collects galls and not everything else.

I asked about it in the forums and someone suggested making a collection project filtered by annotation field "evidence of presence=gall", which I thought was an excellent idea but now realize that annotation field isn't available for unidentified observations.

Publicado por graysquirrel hace 2 días (Marca)

@graysquirrel I get it! I just tried entering a gall I found today into the project and it accepted it. One thing that could be done if any observations are entered before the correct date is for the curator to ask the person to remove it. That could be time consuming and tedious so we just have to hope people honor the dates.

Publicado por leslie_flint hace 2 días (Marca)

@leslie_flint It's also possible for project admins to remove any unsuitable observations - if it becomes an issue, I'd be happy to have @merav make me a mod and help out with that. Hopefully it's all good now though.

Publicado por graysquirrel hace 1 día (Marca)

The City Nature Challenge uses specific dates, so I don’t understand why you can’t on this project. @kestrel ?

Publicado por leslie_flint hace 1 día (Marca)

I already had to remove some observations, and contact a couple of people. We still have plenty of time, so I'd appreciate the help, @graysquirrel!

Publicado por merav hace 1 día (Marca)

@leslie_flint The Nature Challenge is different. It has clearly defined parameters (dates and location) and automatically adds everything that fits those parameters. This project is limited to a poorly defined group of observations: galls.

The key parameter for this project -- that an observation includes a photo of an actual gall -- cannot be defined precisely using a list of taxa. So each person has to add the observations that she or he believes belong in the project. Yes, iNat could come up with programming to allow a traditional project like this one to set date parameters. But they have decided not to add this feature.

Publicado por nancyasquith hace alrededor de 24 horas (Marca)

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