South section - 11/23/2022

Wednesday 8:12 am - 12:00 pm. 1 live newt and 30 dead ones (27 juveniles)
Weather: 41°F...Brrr!
Coverage: Aldercroft Heights intersection to the first stop sign. I walked alone since everyone I know is out to celebrate some quality time with their family.

Traffic: 3 Runners (pedestrian), 23 Bikes, 1 Parked Car, 32 cars
My observations of the day -

Notes: The dead juveniles were all concentrated in the same spot I had seen them last time.
I saw a live one on the side of the road, so I picked up the tiny fellow.

I saw a lot of genista broom moth caterpillars squished but did not document to be more conservative with my battery use since I forgot my portable power bank.

Publicado por karangattu karangattu, 24 de noviembre de 2022


What a cute video! Thanks for recording & sharing this, @karangattu!

Publicado por truthseqr hace 10 días (Marca)

I'm glad to hear the numbers stayed low. I wonder how this season is going to look like. Seems that tiny newts are still on the move, with unprecedented numbers.

Publicado por merav hace 6 días (Marca)

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