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Recently I came across an online article that used one of my pictures. While they had credited me as the photographer, they did not get my permission to use it and the information attached to the photo was filled with inaccuracies. I don't mind if someone wishes to use one of my photos, but if you wish to use one, get my permission, credit me, and let me review what you're going to write. I'm not going to ask authorship, I just don't want my name attached to misinformation. On that note, if you find a wrong or questionable ID of mine, please @ or message me so I can re-review it.

Interested in birds and bumblebees, particularly what occurs in Winnebago and Boone counties in Illinois.
I also upload to

Most of my ID's are for Bombus in eastern USA and Canada, feel free to tag me if you want me to take a look at an observation. If you tag me to look at an observation outside of that region/taxon, I'll still be glad to take a look, worst I'll say is I don't know.

I make a lot of ID's so I don't always give an explanation. If you have a question about an ID, please tag or message me, I'll be glad to answer any questions. Please include a link to the observation if you have questions, don't make me look for it.

My maverick IDs, Any help appreciated.
My confusing unidentified Bombus observations at Genus level,

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