2/05/2021 - La Pourcaresse

A nice morning walk between Viols and St Martin. The corn bunting was singing its trills, perched in the exact same tree as last time, while a pair of Woodchat Shrikes (my first of the year) quartered over the steppe. Now that I was cued in to the Orphean Warbler's song, I could hear three or four individuals calling constantly from various corners, though they hardly ever left cover. As I recorded them, I paid more attention to the details in each bird's song. Even though the characteristic up-down rhythm is always present, even single birds actually produce quite variable songs. I also suddenly spotted a Cirl bunting in the same pistachio tree as a warbler I was following, and this time I got to hear its song, sounding much more mechanical and insect-like than the Corn Bunting's. I didn't spend much time with the Stonechat family, but I didn't see the three fledglings from last time, I hope they didn't get eaten. Not a lot of good photos, except for the very cooperative Tawny Pipit, who let me get very close while he perched atop a Buis.

And then in the evening, as I was coming back from my run, I spotted a dark raptor flying low over the garden. Probably a buzzard, but it just looked a bit different, so I raced inside and grabbed my camera. I dashed down the chemin communal and luckily caught up to it. Just as I raised my camera to it, it turned and I could see the tell tall bars and the dark carpal patch: Honey-buzzard! Last time I'd seen one here was in 2016!

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