Campos de observación

Los campos de observación son campos de datos adicionales que se pueden agregar a las observaciones.

Nombre Fecha añadida ↓ Tipo de datos Descripción
Number of Ginseng prongs 12/07/2024 numeric for documenting the number of prongs (leaves) found per Ginseng (Panax) plant
Sample Collection Number 12/07/2024 text This is found on the label of the Collection Bag.
HCMGA 11/07/2024 text
If so, who was the collector? 11/07/2024 text Collector named on DCNR Permit
Was this specimen collected? 11/07/2024 text Was this specimen collected for vouchering in the fungarium?
Plant Association 3 11/07/2024 text
Interacts with (plant/animal): 10/07/2024 taxon This field looks to breadly register interactions between plants and animals
Related Over Time Code 10/07/2024 text Give a unique code to relate different observations of the same unique plant over a period of time in different life-stages. Remember to add the applicable annotations, for example; "Flowers" the first time and then "Fruit or Seeds" the next time as well.
Single indivudual or multiple plants? 09/07/2024 text
Burnt or unburnt? [FoA] 09/07/2024 text
Dioecy [FoA] 09/07/2024 text
Hyphaene life stages 09/07/2024 text
syntaxon 09/07/2024 text Association phytosociologique associée
Roadside Wildlife Habitat 09/07/2024 text
Recolecta_Semillas 08/07/2024 text Se recolectó semilla de este especimen
Recolecta_Plantas 08/07/2024 text Se recolectó matas / esqueje de este especimen
Info para identificação de espécies 08/07/2024 text Associar este campo a observações cuja descrição ou comentários contenham informação relevante para a identificação da espécie observada.
Orca Types 08/07/2024 text Different Orcinus Orca types (ecotypes)
Netting 06/07/2024 text Cast net, hand net
Narceus gordanus Phenotypes 06/07/2024 text
Narceus americanus Phenotypes 06/07/2024 text
Living in the Road 05/07/2024 text
Roadside Population 05/07/2024 text
Powerline Wetland 05/07/2024 text
Roadside Wetland 05/07/2024 text
Construction Impacts 05/07/2024 text
Herbicide Impacts 05/07/2024 text
Overmowed 05/07/2024 text
Powerline Easement Population 05/07/2024 text
Publication 05/07/2024 text Enter the related scientific article based on the observation
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