Campos de observación

Los campos de observación son campos de datos adicionales que se pueden agregar a las observaciones.

Nombre Fecha añadida ↓ Tipo de datos Descripción
First parent of hybrid/intergrade 25/03/2023 text Is the first parent listed the mother or father of this hybrid/intergrade?
Most faved observation of taxon 25/03/2023 taxon The highest taxon that this observation is the most faved
Are the Fruits Ripe or Falling? 25/03/2023 text Are the fruits ripe enough, or almost ripe enough (within a few days) to fall from the plant?
Projet 24/03/2023 text
Пластик 23/03/2023 text
Plant-Animal Interactions: Other notes 23/03/2023 text Additional notes on behaviour or other notable observations
Songbird nectar thieving? 22/03/2023 text Is the songbird piercing the bottom of the flower presumably to drink nectar?
Songbird observed flower foraging? 22/03/2023 text Did you see the bird flower foraging before or after the image was captured?
Songbird flower foraging in photo? 22/03/2023 text Does the songbird have its bill in or near the opening of the flower in this photo?
Jonah Crab 22/03/2023 text
Interaction cetacean-fishing 22/03/2023 text
Unrecognized hybrid 22/03/2023 text For hybrids not recognized by iNaturalist. Please follow the conventions for hybrid scientific names.
Gymnosporangium on an apple? 22/03/2023 text Is some sort of Gymnosporangium fungus growing on an apple tree?
ID_árbol 21/03/2023 text ID del árbol
Consensus Sequence 21/03/2023 text
Fishing Operation Identifier 21/03/2023 text
N. cámaras 21/03/2023 numeric Número de cámaras por nido de cotorra argentina
野地 21/03/2023 text
狀態 21/03/2023 text 種植是指在盆栽或是水缸內
Route Number 20/03/2023 text The specific route code where the survey was conducted
Invasive Plant Abundance 20/03/2023 text
Moth trap used? 20/03/2023 text
まつぶし緑の丘公園 20/03/2023 text
Wind Direction 19/03/2023 text
Dew Point (°C) 18/03/2023 numeric
Time (am/pm) 17/03/2023 text At what time was the bird found?
Cause of death or injury 17/03/2023 text Was the bird found near a building/window?
Dead or alive/stunned 17/03/2023 text Is the bird dead or alive?
Building Name or address if outside of monitoring area 16/03/2023 text use this field if the building or address is not within the monitoring survey area
Percent Dieback 16/03/2023 text Crown dieback associated with ISHB
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