Campos de observación

Los campos de observación son campos de datos adicionales que se pueden agregar a las observaciones.

Nombre Fecha añadida ↓ Tipo de datos Descripción
Which Garden? 29/06/2022 text Gardens numbered by location moving west to east. Front of Visitor Center F1,F2,F3. abutting the Street S4,S5. Back of Visitor Center B6,B7
Acadia site 29/06/2022 text
Polykormon 29/06/2022 numeric 1=ano, 0=ne
樣區 29/06/2022 text
Insect # 28/06/2022 text The numbered insect from a particular date, site, plot
Molt present? (Insecta, Arachnida) 28/06/2022 text Is the molt of the insect/arachnid present? If the animal is in the process of molting use "Molting?" field
Collection Method: Net 28/06/2022 text
Garage 28/06/2022 text Found Inside Garage
Observation Fields 27/06/2022 text
Crown Flagging Present 27/06/2022 text Is it present
Fruiting body form 27/06/2022 text
Affected Tree Species 27/06/2022 text If fungus and/or flagging is present
Signs of K. Deusta 27/06/2022 text Is it present?
Wing Interference Patterns (WIP) 27/06/2022 text WIPs visible?
Биологические особенности 27/06/2022 text
Ареал 27/06/2022 text
Морфологические особенности 27/06/2022 text
Таксономическое положение 27/06/2022 text
Parthenogenesis 27/06/2022 text Do you see any parthenogenesis happening?
Hillshade 26/06/2022 text
is food for 25/06/2022 text
Feeding on: 24/06/2022 text For insects feeding on flowers.
the plant 24/06/2022 text the plant on which the insect was found
Greenwood communities 23/06/2022 text natural communities present
NEON eco-domain 23/06/2022 text NEON ecoclimatic domain
filhote 23/06/2022 text presença de filhote
forrageando 23/06/2022 text indivíduo observado durante comportamento de forrageio
Milla morphotype 21/06/2022 text The morphotype (i.e. undescribed species) apparently best fitted to this observation of a plant in the genus Milla. For reference, see Gutiérrez, Terrazas, and Luna-Vega 2017:
Insect hatching from egg 21/06/2022 text larva(e) or nymph(s) hatching from egg(s)
Lichen ID 21/06/2022 text Format S _ _ B _ R _ L _ (a to z)
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