Campos de observación

Los campos de observación son campos de datos adicionales que se pueden agregar a las observaciones.

Nombre Fecha añadida ↓ Tipo de datos Descripción
Foraging or Feeding underwater 20/04/2024 text Erratic direction, frequent dives
Weed species: Chickweed 20/04/2024 text
Eclosure Date 19/04/2024 date yyyy/mm/dd
Phenology (flowering and fruiting stage) 19/04/2024 text Description of majority of plant for flowering bud to flower senescence
Phenology (leaf out stage) 19/04/2024 text Description of majority of plant for bud burst through leaf out
Reago's Fungarium 18/04/2024 text specimens in Reagan Peschke's Fungarium
Orphaned 18/04/2024 text
Suspected Phytophthora infection? 17/04/2024 text Please indicate if you suspect the plant is affected by Phytophthora
Plant Health Symptom - Rhododendron 17/04/2024 text Please select the best fitting category
City Rooftop Garden 17/04/2024 text Identifiying garden type
% Window Coverage 15/04/2024 numeric What percentage of the the wall where you found the bird is covered by windows?
If "Other," please enter the building name. 15/04/2024 text
Buildling Name? 15/04/2024 text Where did you find the bird?
cultivated/unknown 15/04/2024 text
Confirmed Breeding Code 15/04/2024 text
資料來源 15/04/2024 text 維基百科&Google
Location Open Space 15/04/2024 text Location of openspace where surveying has taken place
蛾蛹(オダマキトリバ) 15/04/2024 text オダマキトリバ幼虫は果実に穴を開け種子を摂食する。サクラソウ個体群の種子生産に及ぼす影響がある。 オダマキトリバの可能性のある幼虫、蛹を発見した場合は、可能であれば、葉や花茎とともに虫籠に入れて持ち帰り、成虫に生育するか確認する。
蛾幼虫(オダマキトリバ) 15/04/2024 text オダマキトリバ幼虫は果実に穴を開け種子を摂食する。サクラソウ個体群の種子生産に及ぼす影響がある。 オダマキトリバの可能性のある幼虫、蛹を発見した場合は、可能であれば、葉や花茎とともに虫籠に入れて持ち帰り、成虫に生育するか確認する。
On native plant 14/04/2024 text The host plant or plant being visited is native to the area where it is growing
Zwelo 14/04/2024 taxon PLANTS
Polinizador 13/04/2024 text Interacciones
Planta para polinizadores 13/04/2024 text Especies de flora silvestre para jardines de polinizadores
APU MOL 24 Munsiari 13/04/2024 text To specify observations for this project
redback tail autotomy? 12/04/2024 text does the salamander show evidence of having drooped its tail
Redback Color Morph 12/04/2024 text Redback or leadback phase, or erythrisstic to label p.cinereus
US_PNW_DNA_Sequenced_Agaricus_Subgenus 12/04/2024 text
Size jellyfish 12/04/2024 text Size range
1ere obs en Nouvelle-Calédonie 12/04/2024 text
Índice de Prevalencia 11/04/2024 text A) Plantas Obligatorias (OBL) 99% probabilidad; B) Plantas Facultativas de Humedal (FACW) 67 a 99%, C) Plantas facultativas (FAC) 34 a 66% y D) Plantas Facultativas de Terrenos Elevados (FACU) 1 a 33%
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