Pillar Point Fieldtrip on Thursday

If you can come meet at the West Circle by the Eucalyptus tree at 11am. Leave a comment here if you plan on coming so we know who to look for and indicate if you are a driver.

I'll meet you guys at Pillar Point since I'm coming from SF unless we need more drivers. We'll plan to meet in the parking lot (map below) at noon, but if you get delayed and want to head to the tidepools follow the path from the parkinglot which curves around the base of the cliff to the right to the big rocky tidepool area. Call me 415-278-1220 if you get lost.

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Here are the other Cal Academy Pillar Point days March 30, 31, & April 1, May 10, May 25-29, June 9-11, June 23 & June 24

Here's a link to Pillar Point tidetables

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I'll be at Pillar Point tomorrow by 11:00 am. See you all there.

Publicado por ericandersen hace alrededor de 11 años

I think I can go!

Publicado por kendallwilliams hace alrededor de 11 años

I can make it!

Publicado por erin hace alrededor de 11 años

Hey guys, I'm in Geog 130 till 11am and am planning on leaving from campus right after that. Thus, I might not make it to the West circle before everyone leaves (Not sure if anyone else also has 130). I have a small pick-up truck and can comfortably fit one other person or two if you're willing to be a bit uncomfortable.
I will check on here before I leave for school in the a.m. otherwise. Please text or call me to meet up! 916-595-7231.
Side note: I know some people have allergic or other reactions to cigarettes & they have been smoked in my vehicle. I just don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. :)
See you guys tomorrow!

Publicado por tabithahewitt9 hace alrededor de 11 años

I will be leaving campus a little after 11 because I am not free until right at 11. Text me if you need a ride 9253215682.

Publicado por miriamm hace alrededor de 11 años

I'll be there!

Publicado por elliot_goldstein310 hace alrededor de 11 años

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