Top Identifiers of November 2020 observations

What were your highlights of recent observations?

By state/province:
Alberta @johnklymko British Columbia @giantcicada Manitoba @calconey New Brunswick @johnklymko Newfoundland and Labrador @ceiseman Northwest Territories @spencerchau Nova Scotia @aispinsects Nunavut @ Ontario @johnklymko Prince Edward Island @ceiseman Quebec @johnklymko Saskatchewan @spencerpote Yukon @johnklymko

Alabama @trinaroberts Alaska @entomokot Arizona @trinaroberts Arkansas @trinaroberts California @trinaroberts Colorado @trinaroberts Connecticut @megachile Delaware @trinaroberts Florida @aispinsects Georgia @trinaroberts Hawaii @brothernature627 Idaho @trinaroberts Illinois @chrisangell Indiana @chrisangell Iowa @chrisangell Kansas @tkoffel Kentucky @chrisangell Louisiana @ospr3y Maine @trinaroberts Maryland @trinaroberts Massachusetts @chrisangell Michigan @chrisangell Minnesota @killianharnish Mississippi @eric_shows Missouri @lfelliott Montana @entomologistjed Nebraska @whateverwatcher Nevada @lonnyholmes New Hampshire @chrisangell New Jersey @chrisangell New Mexico @myelaphus New York @trinaroberts North Carolina @trinaroberts North Dakota @spencerchau Ohio @chrisangell Oklahoma @spencerpote Oregon @giantcicada Pennsylvania @chrisangell Rhode Island @chrisangell South Carolina @trinaroberts South Dakota @myelaphus Tennessee @aispinsects Texas @trinaroberts Utah @myelaphus Vermont @aispinsects Virginia @trinaroberts Washington @giantcicada Washington, D.C. @carnifex West Virginia @chrisangell Wisconsin @edanko Wyoming @myelaphus

Taxa included in :
Mydidae @tmurray74 Syrphidae @trinaroberts (Toxomerini @spencerchau Syrphini @trinaroberts Bacchini @trinaroberts Paragini @trinaroberts Pipizini @johnklymko Merodontini @phycus Milesiini @trinaroberts Eristalini @trinaroberts Volucellini @trinaroberts Rhingiini @johnklymko Brachyopini @trinaroberts Microdontinae @ ) Pyrgotidae @kwolgemuth Calliphoridae @alex_iosipenko Polleniidae @aispinsects

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Thanks for the recap. It's fun getting these!

Publicado por johnklymko hace más de 3 años

Is it possible to overview and filtering added new taxa for any period?
or count (and show) number of unique taxa at any separate galleries? (which absent in all other)

Such ratings can be really honorable and knowledgeable. But I will call to determine those who, it seems to me, understands well, and not regional))

Publicado por entomokot hace más de 3 años

Thanks for the re-cap, and thanks to the Identifiers for identifying!

Publicado por geographerdave hace más de 3 años

@alex_iosipenko top active bluper in Calliphoridae, "birdwatcher of all trades". It should well to prohibit some such activity, who not able to cross out his IDs later, and busy more people later.
I would like to see the ratings of those who make the most mistakes (proportion), and in terms of the amount of harm done. ))

Publicado por entomokot hace más de 3 años

Glad you have enjoyed these! Of course there are hundreds of others, taxonomic experts and local naturalists, who have contributed just as extensively as the names above.

Publicado por edanko hace más de 3 años

Thanks for the updates @edanko! :)

Publicado por spencerchau hace más de 3 años

My highlight for this month has to be this interesting Sphaerophoria from @judygva : This is cheating because it is not a recent observation (it had been languishing in the backlog half-IDed since 2017) but I came across it in November so....

Publicado por trinaroberts hace más de 3 años

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