Top Identifiers of December 2020 observations

By state/province:
Alberta @johnklymko British Columbia @giantcicada Manitoba @friesen5000 New Brunswick @ceiseman Newfoundland and Labrador @ Northwest Territories @edanko Nova Scotia @chrisangell Nunavut @ Ontario @ceiseman Prince Edward Island @ceiseman Quebec @chrisangell Saskatchewan @edanko Yukon @edanko
Alabama @trinaroberts Alaska @gwark Arizona @myelaphus Arkansas @noctpoll California @trinaroberts Colorado @ceiseman Connecticut @chrisangell Delaware @ceiseman Florida @ceiseman Georgia @trinaroberts Hawaii @jacob391 Idaho @kschnei Illinois @trinaroberts Indiana @chrisangell Iowa @myelaphus Kansas @grinnin Kentucky @thebals Louisiana @ospr3y Maine @chrisangell Maryland @trinaroberts Massachusetts @chrisangell Michigan @chrisangell Minnesota @guidingguida Mississippi @edanko Missouri @chrisangell Montana @trinaroberts Nebraska @phycus Nevada @trinaroberts New Hampshire @chrisangell New Jersey @chrisangell New Mexico @aguilita New York @chrisangell North Carolina @trinaroberts North Dakota @ Ohio @myelaphus Oklahoma @elytrid Oregon @trinaroberts Pennsylvania @chrisangell Rhode Island @myelaphus South Carolina @trinaroberts South Dakota @ Tennessee @trinaroberts Texas @trinaroberts Utah @myelaphus Vermont @aispinsects Virginia @chrisangell Washington @edanko Washington, D.C. @chrisangell West Virginia @randybodkins Wisconsin @chrisangell Wyoming @trinaroberts

Taxa included in :
Mydidae @thebals Syrphidae @trinaroberts (Toxomerini @trinaroberts Syrphini @trinaroberts Bacchini @trinaroberts Paragini @trinaroberts Pipizini @edanko Merodontini @johnklymko Milesiini @trinaroberts Eristalini @zdanko Volucellini @trinaroberts Rhingiini @phycus Brachyopini @phycus Microdontinae @phycus ) Pyrgotidae @unipunctata Calliphoridae @edanko Polleniidae @chrisangell

November 27 and December 6 saw the first observations of Toxomerus arcifer from Florida! I look forward to hearing more of your highlights below.

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Publicado el 01 de enero de 2021 por edanko edanko


Awesome! Congrats everyone

Publicado por zdanko hace más de 3 años

I love love love all of those ID's! Seriously, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with so many. It's a big deal to lots of folks. :)

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 3 años

Excellent! Thanks @edanko for all your help! Here's to a fly-filled new year!

Publicado por elytrid hace más de 3 años

Huge thanks are also due to various people who have been coarse-IDing these at various levels and getting them into the right family/subfamily, and that effort may not be reflected in the states/provinces or specific subgroups. As well as people on the list I know I see a lot of IDs started on their way by @raycama , @spencerpote , @sessilefielder, @malisaspring, @rayquazasaur ... along with many others who aren't coming to mind right now I'm sure.

Publicado por trinaroberts hace más de 3 años

Much appreciation! Ruth

Publicado por grinnin hace más de 3 años

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