October 23rd - Condylostylus; you're not tired of them yet, right? ;)

We're happy to announce another online meeting! Here are the details:

Guess what! ... You guessed it; we are still doing Condylostylus! And we're having fun with it, so why not keep it up. We still have over 500 observations of C. longicornis to go through, and I just determined a new character we can use to distinguish the C. patibulatus group and the C. sipho group; come this Sunday to find out what it is and help me test it!

Just as a reminder: our meetings are entirely informal, and everyone is invited to speak their minds and ask questions to the group. Participation is key to learning!

Please leave a comment either to let us know if you're planning to come or to subscribe to be notified of future events! Questions are also welcome.

The Zoom meeting will open at 8 PM EDT on Sunday the 23rd.

Join the Zoom Meeting here: Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 874 5687 3015

Passcode: diptera

Identify Link for this meeting: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?order_by=random&place_id=1,6712&taxon_id=197039

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If anyone reallllllly dislikes Condylostylus, we can make this the last week for now. That said, I think most people are really enjoying this series, and we're learning a LOT.

Publicado por zdanko hace más de 1 año

Yay! With any luck, I won't be brain-dead this week and I'll actually make it. Thanks for doing this again!

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Publicado por zdanko hace más de 1 año

@zdanko Thanks for all your IDs on my Condy's!

I can't ID yet, but at least now I know what to look for, and can take better photos. I never noticed so many wing patterns before. I'll try to find some confusing paired observations of different complexes/species for Sunday night.

Thanx - Xris

Publicado por xris hace más de 1 año

I'm going to see if I'm able to make it :)

Publicado por mecopteron_bouillon hace más de 1 año

Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one (college apps — yay!) but I'll do my best to attend the next :)

Publicado por yorkniu hace más de 1 año

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