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14 de junio de 2024

Floras and Resources

Hi everyone,

Here are some links on where to get floras in the region that some might find useful.

Utah Flora can be purchased from BYU here: https://lsm.byu.edu/. Go to the bottom of the page under helpful links and click books for sale.

If you got some money to burn or looking for a well illustrated set that covers the Intermountain region, try The Intermountain Flora: https://nybgshop.org/nybg-press/books-in-series/intermountain-flora/ . Looks like some volumes are currently not being printed ( volumes 2b, 4, 6, 7) but hopefully will be again soon.

If you are a researcher visiting Utah State University using USU wifi you can download the Vascular Plants of Northern Utah here: https://mountainscholar.org/items/b67fad68-737c-4542-a0be-9e0b70e630ee.

Grasses can be a pain, luckily, Mary Barkworth included images in Flora of North America! an online version can be found here: http://floranorthamerica.org/Poaceae

If you are new to taxonomy and learning how to key things out you might want to pick up a terminology guide. A free one can be found here: http://conservationresearchinstitute.org/forms/CRI-FLORA-Glossary.pdf

Comments are open for others to post other great resources!

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23 de mayo de 2024

Herbaria and welcome to the Northern Utah Flora Project

Welcome to the northern Utah flora project!

The main hope of this project is to connect botanists and the general public to herbaria in northern Utah together and to increase awareness of how rich our plant diversity is. Some might be asking "what is an herbarium" and the quick answer is that it is a museum of dried plant specimens that serve as vouchers during exploration/scientific research. For those interested in learning more about (or even visiting) herbaria, here are links to the major herbaria in our region:

Intermountain Herbarium - Utah State University (Logan, UT): https://www.usu.edu/herbarium/
Stanley L. Welsh Herbarium - Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): https://lifesciences.byu.edu/magazine/byus-herbarium
Garrett Herbarium - University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT): https://nhmu.utah.edu/botany
Weber State Herbarium - Weber State University (Ogden, UT): https://www.weber.edu/botany/Herbarium.html
Utah Valley University Herbarium - Utah Valley University ( Orem, UT): https://www.uvu.edu/college-of-science/biology/herbarium/index.html

If you want to visit us all at once go to intermountainbiota.org where all our data are posted!

Lastly, if you are interested in joining the state's native plant society please visit the Utah Native Plant Society's website to find out about other workshops, activities, trips, and more happening in Utah! https://www.unps.org/

Thank you for joining and hope to see your wonderful observations!


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