iNaturalist Primer For Fungi Observations

New to iNaturalist and looking for helpful tips for making high quality fungi observations? Check out this iNaturalist Primer created by @myco_mama_vt :

If you already know how iNaturalist works but are looking for pointers on how to photograph fungi, skip to slide 28. Featuring photos by @myco_mama_vt, this section is full of helpful do's and don'ts specific to taking high quality, research grade photos of mushrooms.

Slide 49 contains links for online mushroom identification resources.

Slide 50 contains iNaturalist help pages, and educational videos and articles from the Vermont Center For Ecostudies on how to utilize iNaturalist to its fullest.

Feel free to contact the administrator of the Fungi Of Vermont project, @myco_mama_vt, with any questions, or for permission to use the slide presentation for educational purposes.

Publicado el 19 de septiembre de 2023 por myco_mama_vt myco_mama_vt


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