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Hi everybody!

Due to the amount of emails, messages, phone calls, etc. about sighting reports of various species, I decided the best way to handle the volume is to start using iNaturalist. The advantage of using iNaturalist is that it simplifies how one can submit their observations to us, uses both machine learning and the local community to help identify specimens, organizes much of the data automatically on our end, and it can be used as an educational tool that allows people to identify / learn about their natural surroundings.

We ask that when you join our project group, that you go into your settings on the project page (under "Your Membership" that is to the right of the interactive map on Desktop)(see comments below), and select
"trust this project with hidden/exact coordinates". Many species that are listed as threaten or endangered will automatically get obscured. While this gives a fairly general and vague locality, we often need an exact location to get a better idea for the type of habitat they are observed in.

Thank you all for joining and helping the Mississippi Natural Heritage Program with its mission!

*Edited - Added details

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Can you explain where to do this? I’ve looked on the app and the website and can’t find settings for the project.


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Hi heathahlee,

It took me a minute, but there are two ways on the desktop. The first way is to go the project page, and about midway down, to the right side of the interactive map, there's an "You Membership" link. There you can select the options on there. The 2nd way is on the individual observation page, and if our Project is already added on there, there is a gear/setting symbol you can click on.

I can't find any way to do this on the Android app. If somebody has an iPhone and could add a comment, that would be much appreciated.

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