Diario del proyecto SAEON Kids 2024 iNaturalist Challenge

28 de mayo de 2024

We are extending our iNaturalist Challenge!

Hi all,

Thank you for all your enthusiasm in adding observation to iNaturalist and participating in the SAEON kids 2024 iNaturalist Challenge. 🌿📸

We have decided to extend this challenge, until 30 June 2024. So you can explore and add observations during your holidays coming up. 🗓️🎉

Good luck! And just your holiday and happy exploring. 🍀✨


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23 de mayo de 2024

3 Days left - keep it up!

Hi all,

The SAEON Kids 2024 iNaturalist Challenge ends at midnight on Sunday (26 May), so you have 3 full days left.

Well done to all of you for adding observations, you are doing a great job!

Please make sure you are adding accurate and good-quality data. Ask yourself the following questions
1) Can you easily see what is in the photo?

    A clear photo means someone might be able to help you ID it.

2) Does your observation have a date and time of when the photo was taken?

    This is important because your data could be useful to scientists asking cool questions, and incorrect dates and times can really impact the data quality. It makes you question if the data is believable.

3) Does your observation have an accurate location of where the photo was taken(Acc. value less than 1 000) ?

    It's easiest to upload your observation just after taking the photo, so you can simply use your phone's location (and the date and time will also be accurate).

Keep an eye on our leaderboard, it will be updated every few days.

I'm glad to see that many of you are getting involved!

Keep up the good work!

PS: the leaderboard only includes observations that meet the competition rules. Here are some suggestions if you notice some of your observations are missing.

  • Have you joined the SAEON Kids 2024 iNaturalist Challenge?
  • Have you registered at http://forms.gle/jeChAgHs9uaBP6jR9 ?
  • Is there a photo?
  • Is there an accurate location, date and time?
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