Frome Big Bat Count 2 - 23rd August 2023

Our thanks to Frome Town Council, and Jo in particular, for hosting our largest Big Bat Count to date. Over 50 people in 10 teams recorded 169 bats, again a Big Bat Count nightly record.

As we found in our May count, Soprano and Common Pipistrelle were again the most commonly recorded. However, this time nearly as many Noctule were seen, and there was also a good number of records of Serotine, the other larger bat.

An unrecorded flyby a Greater Horseshoe, as well as several records of the rarer species, will be checked when the recordings are analysed later this year.

With our sincere thanks to everyone who came out, to make it such a successful night

Full results are in iNaturalist:

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