Charlton Mackrell Big Bat Count - 24th August 2023

Around twenty people met in Charlton Mackrell Reading Rooms, for a successful night of bat counting. The six teams recorded 73 bats across 11 AutoIDed species.

With about half the records Common Pipistrelle were the most commonly recorded, with Soprano Pipistrelle next. There also were a handful of records each of Noctule and Serotine.

The other species had few sightings, and those recordings AutoIDede as Barbastelle, Natterer’s, Nathusius’s, Leisler’s and Myotis species will need further analysis over the winter.

Full results are in iNaturalist.

As we are in our second year of running Big bat Counts, it is nice to see the bat maps for neighbouring villages start to join up, as in this case with Kingston and the Charltons.

Our thanks to everyone who turned out to make it such a successful event

This report and photos from the night are on our website:

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