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08 de mayo de 2023

5/8/2023, Ornithology Journal 7

Evan Griffin
• Date – 5/8/2023
• Start time – 1:30 PM
• End time – 2:30 PM
• Location – Sucker Brook Hollow Country Park, Williston, VT
• Weather (temperature, wind speed/direction, precipitation) - ~59°F, partly cloudy, breeze blowing west. No precipitation.
• Habitat(s) – A wooded area with the main trail going mostly due east with a southern bend toward the beginning. Path encompassed several bends and slopes, some rocks and gnarled roots. The path went over a brook and a small creek that connected with the brook. Beech, pine and maple trees, some naturally felled, some with snags.

I drove over to the path, once again missing the entrance because the position of the sign is stupid, at around 1:30. After getting ready I began walking the path due south. Among the first birds I heard were the calls of a Northern Cardinal and a Song Sparrow. I did my best to make them out with the sounds of the wind and passing cars. I continued forward and reached the bridge overlooking the brook at around 1:40, I stood there to take in the scenery for a little, I crossed paths with a couple of other people. Eventually I crossed the second bridge and reached the straight path beside a clearing where I’ve seen birds before, I managed to hear another Song Sparrow and also a Downy Woodpecker’s laugh. I met multiple nice dogs going along the path, all of whom weren’t on their leashes.
I went a little further than a flat area with tall skinny trees and a narrow wooden path, about three or four hundred meters from the beginning. There were some flickers of songs, but I couldn’t isolate a whole lot, so I turned back at around 2:05. When I made it back to the clearing, I heard both the call and song of Black-capped Chickadees. I heard maybe 4 or 5 total as I was heading back towards the first bridge where I waited around a little bit more. I headed back up the beginning of the path where I heard a Blue Jay’s chirp, a Tufted Titmouse’s mechanizations, and through the trees I saw what I believe to be an American Crow soaring across someone’s backyard just above the ground. At around 2:30 I got back to my car and drove home.
This was the last field journal I needed to do for the class. I’d say I’m more interested in watching birds than I was at the beginning. I don’t know if I’d make a whole hobby out of it, but I’d still like to use what I learned in the class for something fun or interesting.

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