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06 de septiembre de 2020

Snipes on migration

In 2020 closed sports fields have become staging posts for migrating birds such as egrets, herons and snipe. Today saw a total of 4 snipe resting and feeding on an enclosed sports field at Kowloontsai Park. Two snipe were feeding at exactly the same spot on April 24, 2020 so perhaps these are the same pair plus their offspring, or some other overlapping combination of individuals showing 'site fidelity' by revisiting the same spots on migration. Thanks to John Allcock for identifying these as Pintail/Swinhoe's Snipe, based on the shorter bill and less marked head pattern and upperparts compared to Common Snipe. Pintail and Swinhoe's Snipe are essentially indistinguishable unless they are in the hand or vocalising, failing which they are generally known as "Swintails".

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