Matthew Lindsey Curador

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I'm a Christian and hobbyist macro-photographer with a keen interest in the order Araneae (spiders)! I love anything and everything about these fascinatingly unique and astonishing arachnids, but my primary focus lies in understanding and admiring their intricate and intriguing spinneret and spigot morphology, topography, and diversity, as well as the taxonomy of Araneae and reclassification of spiders.

My photographs are captured using the Canon EOS Rebel T7 with the kit lens and a 14-65mm macro extension tube, with a cheap flash and DIY diffuser. Feel free to use any of my photographs as long as you credit me. For this reason, I try to include useful photographs of many different positions and features of organisms. If you use any of my photographs for any reason, it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform me! I can also be found on Flickr.

My profile image is of the oxyopid species Oxyopes aglossus, the "Halloween" lynx spider.

"Wherever there is faith as slender as one strand of the spider's web, there the fullness of redeeming grace is active." ~ John Murray

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