Juan Pablo Avendaño

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Biologist based in Guatemala.
Now taking up microscopy as a hobby, interested in freshwater protists and micro-algae. With my wife we use to go out looking for mushrooms to eat (she is a specialist on edible mushrooms) and I take the opportunity to take photos of other mushrooms and lichens that I will be sharing here.
I love to travel around Guatemala and take water samples in different lakes, lagoons, rivers and swamps and then bring them home and examine them in my little laboratory. I am particularly interested in the hot springs that are all over the country.
I have a compound microscope brand "Radical" RXL-4T from India, equipped with phase contrast and dark field. For now I have a generic USB camera. I hope soon to improve my technique and the equipment to achieve better micro-photographs.
My goal is to document the largest number of organisms (protists, micro-algae and fungi) that I find in Guatemala.

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