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Hi, I'm Mothy, I like observing any living organisms, but prefer looking at plants, fungi, insects, and amphibians! I am very new to iNat, but find myself getting more and more connected to nature each day. Though, my camera quality isn't always the best, photography of nature is something I am passionate about.

I also like to study taxonomy and entomology. I am taking multiple classes studying biology as a whole. Even so, I am still actively learning so please feel free to correct me on anything that sounds wrong or stupid. I am still figuring out what I would like to study (for a career) so my identification will be quite a variety. I'm sorry if I make mistakes in IDing and I know not knowing what groups to focus on is not an excuse.

I observe more during warmer seasons, and identify more during colder seasons. My observations in winter are focused on lichen, mushrooms, trees, moss, and birds.

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