Ray Fisher Curador

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Entomologist at Mississippi Entomological Museum (Mississippi State), based in northwestern Arkansas.

I am enthralled by arthropod diversity and evolution, and consider myself a generalist. Current research projects involve velvet mites and water mites (Parasitengona); American purse-web spiders (Atypidae: Sphodros); ants of the Ozarks; water bugs (Nepoidea); American camel crickets (Ceuthophilinae); and biogeography of the Interior Highlands. As a naturalist, I am always learning new groups and am especially devoted to gaining familiarity with local flora and fauna.

I am blown away by the awesomeness of iNaturalist as a platform and community. It is a consistent joy to interact with those of you who bring me your questions, graciously send me specimens, and who actively contribute to my research projects. If you would like to be a part of my active projects (especially velvet mites or Sphodros), please contact me and we can make it work. I enjoy adding to my publications those who put in the extra work. Thank you all!

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