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I wanted to be an environmental scientist, but chose web development instead. I get through by using my free time to pursue my other passions. Most applicable here would be hiking, gardening and foraging. I particularly like to learn about natural foods, conservation and sustainability.

I've always had a passion for amphibians and reptiles, but recently I've added mycology to that list too. I'm still working on my identification skills, and using iNaturalist to help.

I've got a bit of a chaotic take to my photography, so the quality varies, but I try to pick the best to make identification easier for others.

I'm a member of WMS, MMS, NAMA and a Wisconsin master naturalist, so if you see me at any events, feel free to say hi! I don't bite, and I love learning other people's knowledge, techniques and passions- it makes things easier to remember if there's a story attached.

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