Journal 2

Journal 2
Time: Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 at 1:57pm to 3:45pm
Location: Yesler Swamp - 3501 NE 41st Street, Seattle, WA 98195
Temperature: 64-66 F
Weather: Sunny with a presence of haze

Upon first glance at my chosen area it seemed like some of the grass had grown. However, it has only been a week, so I’m not sure to what extent the growth is. Within the area I noticed a plant species that I assume is Thimbleberry. When I felt the leaves were a soft texture, it had 5 lobes, and had alternating leaves. Some of the leaves appear to be in the middle of transitioning with color, some were yellow and some were green. A wide spread plant that grows near the water has an appearance of green with leaves looking crumpled towards the edges. Its appearance is similar to that of the Broad-leaved Marsh-Marigold only the leafy part. However, there were no flowers blooming and the PNW plant guide says this species is not commonly found south of Alaska. The species of widespread grass growing in my chosen area I believe is Reed canarygrass. It is hard to tell because most are not currently growing the top that has a wheat-like appearance. There appears to be a white band that can be followed by a darker band throughout the growth of the plant, the banding looks similar to that of a young bamboo. One shrub I noticed was the salmonberry. Its appearance has a compound leaf like they almost appear to grow in 3 with toothed edges, it looks like the leaves have deep veins. When I fold down the top leaf it has the butterfly appearance as well as alternating leaves. I followed a sound that was recurring that was similar to knocking on wood or flapping wings. I did catch a glimpse of the bird and I want to say it was a woodpecker because it was pecking at wood. The pattern of the bird was black and white spots but I couldn’t get enough of a look to fully ID the bird. I did notice there were more ducks than my prior visit and I found more turtles hidden. However, I did not have binoculars so I couldn’t really tell the majority of the identifying factors other than some ducks were different colors but, that could also be because of gender. While walking around there were some English ivy not just wrapped around the trees but on the ground. They were an evergreen shade and the leaves were sort of heart shaped. When I looked at the ground I did notice the smallest organism were red ants that weren’t there at my last visit. I heard a bird and their song sounded like a swing set on a playground but I wasn’t able to see what the bird looked like.

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