Stridulomus sulcicollis - Stridulating Toktokkie

Stridulomus sulcicollis (Péringuey 1886) - Stridulating Toktokkie

Stridulomus sulcicollis (Stridulating Toktokkie) is one of the enormous tenebrionid beetles, it is usally 60 mm in length, but may be up to 80 mm.
This species is easily recognized by a very large longitudinal median depression at the base of the pronotum ('sulcicollis') and told from other large Molurina species by ...

Stridulation as a defense mechanism against enemies is widespread in beetles and occasionally occurs in Tenebrionidae. ... the situation is different in Tenebrionidae, where elytra and legs rub together, which is inaudible to us and is evident only from the morphology. Sound production using different stridulatory mechanisms has evolved independently in a number of Tenebrionidae. ...

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