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02 de noviembre de 2020

Top Identifiers of October 2020 observations

Last month, I tallied the top observers of September observations from the US and Canada in this journal post.

For October, different people were active and there was a different mix of observations as weather grew cooler. Thank you all for your contributions! I'm looking forward to hearing thoughts.

By state/province:
Alberta @kschnei British Columbia @edanko Manitoba @friesen5000 New Brunswick @johnklymko Newfoundland and Labrador @johnklymko Northwest Territories @ Nova Scotia @johnklymko Nunavut @ Ontario @johnklymko Prince Edward Island @burkhard_plache Quebec @johnklymko Saskatchewan @johnklymko Yukon @ellyne

Alabama @trinaroberts Alaska @edanko Arizona @myelaphus Arkansas @trinaroberts California @trinaroberts Colorado @spencerpote Connecticut @megachile Delaware @edanko Florida @myelaphus Georgia @trinaroberts Hawaii @ospr3y Idaho @edanko Illinois @ddennism Indiana @trinaroberts Iowa @ddennism Kansas @myelaphus Kentucky @trinaroberts Louisiana @ospr3y Maine @edanko Maryland @aispinsects Massachusetts @megachile Michigan @calconey Minnesota @guidingguida Mississippi @treegrow Missouri @lfelliott Montana @myelaphus Nebraska @ospr3y Nevada @myelaphus New Hampshire @edanko New Jersey @imacuriousjuan New Mexico @myelaphus New York @sadawolk North Carolina @trinaroberts North Dakota @trinaroberts Ohio @myelaphus Oklahoma @myelaphus Oregon @giantcicada Pennsylvania @spencerpote Rhode Island @edanko South Carolina @wonwoong South Dakota @trinaroberts Tennessee @aispinsects Texas @myelaphus Utah @aroe Vermont @edanko Virginia @edanko Washington @trinaroberts Washington, D.C. @ospr3y West Virginia @treegrow Wisconsin @trinaroberts Wyoming @edanko

Taxa included in https://sites.google.com/view/flyguide :
Syrphidae @trinaroberts (Toxomerini @spencerchau Syrphini @trinaroberts Bacchini @edanko Paragini @trinaroberts Pipizini @edanko Merodontini @edanko Milesiini @trinaroberts Eristalini @acclivity Volucellini @trinaroberts Rhingiini @edanko Brachyopini @edanko Microdontinae @edanko ) Pyrgotidae @ Calliphoridae @edanko Polleniidae @edanko

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15 de noviembre de 2020

Mydidae of the US/Canada

I just posted new guides to the Mydas Flies of the US and Canada at https://sites.google.com/view/flyguide . I hope these help you explore these spectacular and seldom seen insects!

As always, there's a link to 'Identify' in the bottom left of the title slide if you want to try it out quickly on some 'needs ID' observations.

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