Project Update - February 2024

Welcome to members who have recently joined our Land for Wildlife- Brisbane iNaturalist project.

We have 62 members but only 38 people who have added observations to the Project. Each time you upload an observation you need to opt-in to the Project, by clicking on the Projects tab and selecting the Land for Wildlife – Brisbane Project, before you save and complete your observation. You can go back and edit any of your previous observations that you might have missed adding to the project.

Please contact your Land for Wildlife Officer if you have any questions or if you would like a factsheet on how to add observations. If you have some unidentified observations that you really want ID help for, e.g. plants or potential weed species, please email us directly on or email your Land for Wildlife officer directly.

We do try to check the Project results regularly, but may not necessarily see every observation that needs some ID help.

As of 12 February 2024, for Land for Wildlife properties in Brisbane we have recorded 7432 observations of 2227 species from 38 observers. The species with the most observations are Tawny Frogmouth (50), Green Tree Frog (50), Koala (46), Australian King-parrot (39), and Laughing Kookaburra (36).

Across the whole South-east Queensland Land for Wildlife umbrella iNaturalist project, our Brisbane project data is contributing to a total of 50,615 observations of 5226 species from 294 observers. You can explore the 'Greater Brisbane City Council' area as a search area in iNaturalist (this area is actually mapped wider than just Brisbane's City limits so includes other Council areas) but across this Greater Brisbane area there are 500,814 observations of 10,879 species from 8726 observers.

We live in a truly amazing biodiversity hotspot here in the subtropics.

Thanks again for sharing your observations and being part of this community,

The WCPP team

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