12 de febrero de 2024

Project Update - February 2024

Welcome to members who have recently joined our Land for Wildlife- Brisbane iNaturalist project.

We have 62 members but only 38 people who have added observations to the Project. Each time you upload an observation you need to opt-in to the Project, by clicking on the Projects tab and selecting the Land for Wildlife – Brisbane Project, before you save and complete your observation. You can go back and edit any of your previous observations that you might have missed adding to the project.

Please contact your Land for Wildlife Officer if you have any questions or if you would like a factsheet on how to add observations. If you have some unidentified observations that you really want ID help for, e.g. plants or potential weed species, please email us directly on wcpp@brisbane.qld.gov.au or email your Land for Wildlife officer directly.

We do try to check the Project results regularly, but may not necessarily see every observation that needs some ID help.

As of 12 February 2024, for Land for Wildlife properties in Brisbane we have recorded 7432 observations of 2227 species from 38 observers. The species with the most observations are Tawny Frogmouth (50), Green Tree Frog (50), Koala (46), Australian King-parrot (39), and Laughing Kookaburra (36).

Across the whole South-east Queensland Land for Wildlife umbrella iNaturalist project, our Brisbane project data is contributing to a total of 50,615 observations of 5226 species from 294 observers. You can explore the 'Greater Brisbane City Council' area as a search area in iNaturalist (this area is actually mapped wider than just Brisbane's City limits so includes other Council areas) but across this Greater Brisbane area there are 500,814 observations of 10,879 species from 8726 observers.

We live in a truly amazing biodiversity hotspot here in the subtropics.

Thanks again for sharing your observations and being part of this community,

The WCPP team

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04 de noviembre de 2021

Thanks for being an iNaturalist and sharing with this project

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has recently joined this project and everyone who has been participating in iNaturalist for some time.

Sharing your biodiversity sightings with this project enables us to see all the amazing creatures and plants and fungi and lifeforms that live in our amazingly diverse city.

So far we have 3674 observations of 1356 species from 28 observers in this group. That is an incredible observation effort, particularly in showcasing the diversity of invertebrates, and so far I think we have the most observations recorded amongst Land for Wildlife Council's in South East Queensland and who have an iNaturalist project. The Sunshine Coast Nature Challenge has recorded 330 or so more species than we have recorded so far.

The Great Southern Bioblitz - Brisbane 2021 happened over 22-25 October and while there is still the rest of this week for people to upload sightings into iNaturalist before they call the final tally, in Brisbane it seems like many of observations came from you, our community of dedicated WCPP iNaturalists.
Thank you if you joined up to the Great Southern Biobliz project as well.

If you are waiting for identification assistance for your sightings, we are trying to check this project regularly, but we may not see your post given the high volume of sightings, so please contact us direct to let us know if you need an ID.

Please know that you can send messages to the WCPP team within iNaturalist if you log in on a computer or you can contact your Land for Wildlife Officer on our individual email address or email WCPP@brisbane.qld.gov.au

Thanks again and keep up the great observation work,

Kinds regards, the WCPP team

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30 de agosto de 2020

Vine competition run until the end of September

Competition whoever records the most vine species (native & non native) on a Land for Widllife property (as long as it is recorded on a Land for Wildlife property in Brisbane City Council area) it is counted.

Closing on the 30th of September 2020.

Prize will be a bush regenerators tool belt kit!

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23 de junio de 2020

Adding photo and or sound media

You can now add media - either sound or photo as an observation to our project.

We realized that when recording nocturnal animals it is quite hard to get a good photo. Also is a great learning tool to know calls as well as visual.

Happy recording!

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07 de mayo de 2020

Competition time!

Competition to run to the end of June 2020:

The person who adds the most bird species from their LFW property to the Land for Wildlife - Brisbane (Wildlife Conservation Partnerships Program) project by the end of June will be the winner.

(Don't worry - if you have been with us from the start of the project we will count your bird species that you have logged from the start).

Also if you have taken photo's in the past that is fine too to upload as long as they have been taken on your LFW property.

Prize will be a bush regenerators tool belt kit: https://www.arborgreen.com.au/product/2457-bush-regenerators-kit-polyester-with-tools

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15 de abril de 2020

Why and obscured location

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for getting on board with the iNaturalist Land for Wildlife Brisbane project.

Remember to put your observations as obscured so everyone can't see exactly where you live for privacy reasons - the administrator (Land for Wildlife officer) can see the exact location.

The whole reason we set this project up is so that it can be useful for our landholders and Council to see the high diversity of flora and fauna found throughout Brisbane. This project also helps us to know what people are interested in and also a great platform for learning and sharing.

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