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I’m Robbie, I’m a resident of Plymouth who is working on a career in Marine Biology. I love photographing any living thing I see, and I hope my photography can help and inspire others.


I support everyone no matter who they are, and I love everyone the way they are and the way they want to be.

Most of my observation photos are taken with a Nikon D3400 camera. It is a great camera, but sadly, on August 19th, I slipped into the ocean and broke it. I use 3-4 different lenses with it. I now use a Nikon D40. I also have observations from my Samsung A13, which has a good camera and has led to using Seek for some observations. (I have found that just photographing the life and using Inaturalist later is best; Seek can take a while and it can be very inaccurate.)

My New England moths kahoot !WORK IN PROGRESS!

(2022 and 2021 were very slow and not many observations were made. 2023 kicks off the beginning of a lot of observations.)
2021 (first year)

1st Observation
1000th Observation

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