Chiliarchum bertolonii (Guérin-Méneville, 1844)

A distinctly costate Chiliarchum species in which, like C. freyi and C. arnoldi, the two basal impressions of the pronotum are located in the posterior angles.

Description in:
Haag-Rutenberg G. 1871. Beiträge zur Familie der Tenebrioniden (II. Stück). Coleopterologische Hefte 7
Translated from Latin:
Very large, elongated; thorax cordiform, near the posterior corner impressed, punctate, margin and impression white-tomentose; elytra elongate, with three distict costae, at the margin, towards apex widened, intervalls sometimes whitish-tomentose and very fine scabrous; slightly punctate below, mesosternal process, thorax ventrally and tibiae covered with a rusty-red tomentum.
Male: Slender, thorax more cordiform, abdominal segments 1-3 with large oblong reddish-brown spot. - Length 44-50 mm, width 16-17 mm.
Female: Broader, abdominal segments immaculate. - Length. 42-52 mm, witdh 17-20 mm.

Male illustrated in:
Guérin-Méneville, F. E. 1844. Insectes Magasin de Zoologie, D’ Anatomie Comparee et de Paleontologie, Recueil

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